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We're so happy for you and your decision to marry, and happy you have chosen Holy Redeemer as the place and the community in which to celebrate your wedding!

Holy Matrimony

Holy Matrimony is a sacrament at the service of communion and mission because it is ordered to the building up of the Family of God through the union of spouses and the procreation of children. It is a sacrament that God has blessed so that husband and wife can help each other and their children get to heaven through their daily life of love and sacrifice for one another. Spouses are called to love one another as Christ loved the Church, humbly serving one another and seeking the other's good. Marriage is the clearest sign or symbol that we have of God's love for all people and how deeply He desires to be united to us. Marriage is a sign of heaven and points to the union that we will have with God for all eternity.

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Resources for Your Marriage

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